Tennis Match Bitterness

Look at rage over his screen freezing.

Back in the day when computers first came out, one of the first video games that came out  was a game called Pong. I was a little too young, so I didn’t really understand “computer games”, but apparently it was a BIG thing. It was very similar to tennis and if you know anything about tennis, you know that watching it can turn you into a bobblehead doll when watching it.

When we go over to my sister-in-laws they have a basement that has ping pong and a pool table. I’m not much of a fan of ping pong, but my son will get bored and insist I come down and play with him. As a pretty bad father, I will whine and complain that I have more important things to do, then finally get tired of his whining and give in and play. I secretly hope he will grow tired of it so I can move on, but it does take him some time to get bored. I guess I get some bonding time or something and like get to hear his problems or whatever, but what am I supposed to do with all that information? Try to help him grow into a responsible adult?

It’s not like all that time I spend bonding with my father turned me into a responsible adult. The point is, we spend time going back and forth, just like tennis and if you watch it, your head starts to spin around like in Poltergiest or the Shining or something and you start to get neck pain. Like I need any more pain than I already have.

Nowadays, you can’t seem to avoid the tennis/pong back and forth neck crane (if there were a better, shorter way to say that I would certainly use that term) even in your business/professional life. Back in the days of Pong, you probably only had one screen, because your screen was inseparably connected with your computer. Now your screens don’t even need a tower, they can just be connected to a laptop, or even a phone for goodness sakes.


All the computer nerds realized that you could have two screens to handle all the crazy things they were doing and then three and four, then Megadesk. All of a sudden, someone with only 2 screens was feeling like their company didn’t value them. Okay, so I only have two screens.



On Friday I was doing this report where I had to transfer some data from my left screen to my right screen. So as you can probably imagine, I was doing the tennis/pong back and forth neck crane (I really need a shortened word for that. Perhaps a reader could suggest one?)

Left screen, right screen, left screen, right screen. By the end of the day, I felt like I was watching a tennis match, without the fun part of getting lemonade and being outdoors not working.

Can you think of any other things you do a work that seem like sports? Lemme know in the comments.


Bitter Tennis/Pong Back and Forth Neck Crane Ben


2 thoughts on “Tennis Match Bitterness

  1. Instead of “back and forth” — “head on a swivel”? Simple enough even a football fan can understand it. The other office task that feels like sport — task volleyball. Need a new task done? Everybody just bumps and passes it up in the air a few times until someone gets pissed and spikes it down onto someone else’s to do list.


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