Headphone Bitter Friday Giftures

I've always been a big advocate of people leaving me alone. One of my best defenses against people talking to me was this marvelous invention called headphones. When people see them on me, they should assume that I am listening to something of utmost importance, even if I'm only listening to a goofy podcast, or … Continue reading Headphone Bitter Friday Giftures

Tennis Match Bitterness

Back in the day when computers first came out, one of the first video games that came out  was a game called Pong. I was a little too young, so I didn't really understand "computer games", but apparently it was a BIG thing. It was very similar to tennis and if you know anything about … Continue reading Tennis Match Bitterness

The Reason I became a Bitter Blogger

I am not a multi faceted personality.  I am about as interesting as watching toast flavored, grass colored paint drying.  I might appear on social media as only a boring dude, but that is because I'm only posting the highlights of my personality.  If you followed me around in real life, first of all quit … Continue reading The Reason I became a Bitter Blogger