Communication is the Key to Bitterness

The way we should all be.

I was listening to someone talk about things the other day. When you do that, sometimes you actually learn things, which for me is a really bad idea. You know how they say a little knowledge about something is a bad thing? That applies to me. All of a sudden, I start acting like I’m an expert at things.

Anyways, they were talking about the age old argument about how we need to all stop looking at our cell phones and focus on real people and real conversations and stop listening to all the conflicting voices out there. Of course, all the knowledge they received about this subject was obtained while they were on their phone and the whole time they were talking, they were also texting.

What they aren’t mentioning is that communication has broken down from the beginning. It’s not like the cavemen or the dinosaurs didn’t have miscommunication. It’s not like the people in the 1830’s didn’t have misunderstandings. It’s not like this decade is the first time in the history of this world that communication has been blocked. Don’t blame it on the phone.

Miscommunication goes way back.

As a people, we are great at backbiting, ignoring, pretending we didn’t hear things…it’s just that the phone has just made it easier for us to ignore people in real life situations. Think about how you used to sit in a doctor’s waiting room 15 years ago. It wasn’t this magical time where people sat around and discussed their families with strangers. There were magazines in the waiting room. There were toys for kids. There might have even been a TV if you were lucky.

Ignoring people has always been a thing, especially for the introverts. We just have a better shield now and the extroverts can join us in ignoring people now.

I’m glad to live in this amazing era of technology that provides us computers in our hands. Yeah, some people do really great things with all the technology they have. Some are created new things, some are keeping connected with clients all over the world. Me, on the other hand, I’m just making sure I have a game to play in every spare moment and a way to ignore people.

And of course, it is the ultimate way to spread the bitterness all across the land. The technology of phones and things have given me a way to speed up how bitter I am, and in turn, how others can be bitter with me and the rest of the world.


Bitter Miscom Ben


10 thoughts on “Communication is the Key to Bitterness

  1. I think you have a point. There’s a book writing speaker out there who has never had social media and his stance is it’s bad. My stance is everyone’s a critic. I think that’s a saying too…


  2. I sometimes like to listen to people talk about things I don’t know. Especially when they’re talking on my cell phone, through my earbuds, while I ignore the rest of the world.


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