Lights are so distracting Friday Giftures


I’ve always been a fan of not light. Light is kind of a jerk when you are trying to sleep. I’m one of those people that has to have it vampire dark for me sleep. Also have you ever been to a city a night? Always blinking, distracting me, trying to get me to sign up for a sign up for a 3.5765% home loan, when I just need to get some food to eat.

Fireworks are cool enough I guess, but a pretty big waste of time and money. For like a million dollars you can see a 5 second spark of light in the air. And when helping my daughter study for her science test, I heard that a light bulb costs 100 joules to put out light, but only gives like 20 joules of light, so most of that is wasted on heat. Waster! At least I only waste 24 hours a day. Like right now, I should be doing something, but instead I am looking for gifs. Speaking of gifs, here are you weekly Bitter Giftures.


…food can be a little distracting.

That feeling you get when you are trying to do your job…

…and you are just no CENAing straight.

When your kids finally learn how to do a selfie…

…but their grin is still a little cheesy.

When you are still trying…

…to perfect the magic.

When you are trying to get your kid…

…to wake up for school.

Which way did he go…

…which way did he go, George?

Those times when you just need to…

…branch off in other areas.

Hey dude, it’s been fun…

…but I gotta bounce.


…or you will go blind.

This guy is an expert level…

…bottle flipper.


…finally a useful application.

I guess…

…I can let this one slide.

Well, it is off to doing as little as I can in the light. I hope you waste your daylight as much as possible. Let me know in the comments what you do to waste the daylight.


Bitter Light Distracted Ben


28 thoughts on “Lights are so distracting Friday Giftures

    • My wife can sleep in any environment, so she doesn’t mind having the light. When I was in college I used to sleep in a bunk bed and would cover the whole thing with a black blanket and could sleep for hours and almost missed my 1 pm class because of it. Ahh, those were the days.

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  1. Big fan of the dark, too. Black curtains, brown paper covering the windows. I like hiding out in dimly lit rooms during the sunny hours while I wait for it to get dark. Then I can relax again. Everyone seems to hate when daylight savings ends, excepr for me. I like it when it gets dark early. Makes me so happy.



  2. Hey, Ben, why waste all that heat and light on helping your daughter with her homework? Stop hovering and buy her a coal minerโ€™s helmet. Sheโ€™ll be fine. ๐Ÿ˜
    Love the giftures.


  3. I MUST have complete darkness to sleep but little red and green lights from different things, digital clocks, charger plugged in, etc. I guess I should sleep in a coffin!

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