Belabored Day

The foundation on which this country is built.

Nobody really knows why we celebrate Labor Day. Is it because we celebrate all the women that go into labor? Is it because we like working so hard? Is it because we needed a holiday in the early part of September to have sales at stores?

I am all kinds of confused about holidays in this country. For instance, we have this Holiday that dominates all of October, and most of September, to be honest. It involves dressing up, decorating houses and candy. Lots of candy. Many people adore it and they put all kinds of money behind it. In fact, I’ve heard that we spend the most amount of money for this holiday than any other in the US. And yet, we don’t even get Holloween off. It’s a holiday in which we don’t get the day off.

Yet Labor Day is a holiday where we barely even think about in the month of September until we realize it is a long weekend. And I know a lot of people that confuse it with Memorial Day.  I know more people that count down the days until the football season start than remember it is Labor Day.

And who wants a holiday that reminds them of work? I think it might go over way better if it was called Relaxation Day or Lay on the Couch Day, or Hawaiian Beach Day.

While I am on the subject of holidays, how about we find a way to celebrate all the bitterness in this country. Yes, there are a bunch of celebrated individuals that made this country great. The Washington’s, the Roosevelt’s, the Lincoln’s, but there were a whole lot more of us bitter people that did the jobs that the great one’s couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

Sure, we complained about it all the way, but we did what had to be done. How about we celebrate the common man, women and children who did the jobs and complained about it all their days. That did the jobs that the bosses were too lazy or too good to do. The ones that rowed the boats not so gently down the stream to get to America. Or the farmers that tilled the ground for 18 hours a day, just so they could get the farmer’s tans and $.40 a pound for tomatoes. Or all those telemarketers that were bitter to call and made others bitter that they called.

Those are the backs that this country stood on. How about a national bitter day for all those people?

I propose it right now, Congress or whoever makes laws. Let the bitter finally be celebrated.


Bitter Belabored Day Ben


25 thoughts on “Belabored Day

  1. I never really understood Labor Day either! I tried to start a Lisa Rochon Day, because a day in honor of myself seemed like a great idea. But nobody else thought so, so it never really caught on. I would TOTALLY be on board for National Bitter Day. We could have parades and throw eggs at people instead of candy. I’ve got ideas here…


  2. Yes! Celebrate the Bitter with an International Holiday!
    On that day we can eat such things as bitter gourd melon, endive, bitter lemon, and arugula, etc.! We can sing bitter songs like: Lost Cause, Cry Me a River, and Song for the Dumped, etc.! We can watch bitter movies like: Bitter Harvest, Bitter Moon, and Bitter Jester, etc.! Oh, what fun we could have!!! 😛
    HUGS!!! 😀


  3. It should be the day after Thanksgiving. On this day, when I worked retail years ago my co-workers and I were all bitter, and all of the customers were bitter fighting for sale items like the products were a life necessity. 1 year of working retail = 1 year in heaven.

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