Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 4

You know that friend you have that you can only handle every once in a while? The one that is only slightly tolerable in small doses? The one that might accidentally throw out a pun that is funny, but then emboldened by the laughter of the first pun, keeps going?  The one that stays well past the party is over and isn’t very good at getting the hint that you just want to go to bed and not talk to them anymore?

Well, you are in luck because Bitter News from The Couch is back.  Just when you thought it got the hint to just go away and not come back again, it didn’t get the hint and came back again.  It is ready to stay way longer than you were comfortable.  Be ready for some bad puns and some uncomfortable conversation that you just didn’t want to have!

The worst part is you probably had some awkward conversation last night with just the same kind of friend.  So Enjoy the Sunday Morning Bitterness yet again!

And just in case you need more awkward bitterness in your life, here are all the other previous episodes.


Bitter News from the Couch Vol. 4 Ben

12 thoughts on “Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 4

  1. Well, my son is once again watching here with me and gave some sort of salute but he assures me this salute was not for you, but for the words. Yes, I heard the story about the aunt and that was bizarre but the best part of the broadcast was when you were showing off your shirt and I could only see half your head.


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