The Bitter Crunchy vs plain debate

One is right up front, while one lurks creepily in the background.

One is right up front all heroic like, while one lurks creepily in the background.

I thought at some point I would stop learning things because my body is pretty lazy.  I figured my mind would start retiring from learning too.  But no, my mind had to go and be all ambitious and pull up a fact that I hadn’t really learned in 40 years of existing on earth.  Luckily it wasn’t life changing or mind bending, because that would just hurt and cause so much work that I am just not prepared for.  So here is the fact that my increasingly lazy mind came up with.  There is a debate going on between whether things should be crunchy or not crunchy.

He wears a contact in the left eye.

He wears a contact in the left eye.

In the peanut bitter world, there has been a great debate between crunchy and creamy ever since Mr. Peanut invented Peanut Butter.  It happened long ago when he was a young carefree spirit name Peanut.  In high school, at Ingredient High he didn’t quite fit in with the other nuts. He wore thick dark glasses, a baseball hat to hide his greasy hair, a watch, and some old tattered shoes.  Butter, his best friend was always melting whenever the situations got too intense.  One day the other peanuts were bullying his friend Butter against the toasted walls of the school, but it was too cold, so butter wasn’t able to melt onto the toast.  They kept trying to spread him on the toast but he just kept ripping the Bread walls.   Peanut had seen enough and tried to get involved.  He tried to get the bullies off but someone hit him in the face and smashed one side of his glasses.  They also took out one of his legs and broke his watch.  His eye was all swollen and started dripping.  When all the bullies went away he rubbed the stuff off his face.  It tasted delicious.  He had his aha moment that night.  He got a contact for his left eye, used a cane to walk for his injured leg, and got a top hat to cover his hair.  He also got a stopwatch in the place of his broken watch. When he went to school the next day, he took the sample from his swollen eye to the chemistry lab to replicate this “peanut butter” and someone thought he was the teacher and called him Mr. Peanut.  He decided from that day forward he would perfect this formula while pretending to teach chemistry.  It took him two days to perfect the formula,  and the rest was history.  However, because he couldn’t decide on whether to do creamy or crunchy, he was ousted by a couple guys named Skippy and Jiff.  They made both kinds.  They left it for the consumer to decided.  I chose correctly.  Crunchy.

His parents wanted him to be a world class athlete.  He just wanted to eat cheese.

His parents wanted him to be a world class athlete. He just wanted to eat cheese.


Right about that same time, on the plains of Africa there was a super cool, super fast Cheetah that was quite athletic and fast and everyone loved him.  His father was a world class Cheetah that had gone to the Cheetah Olympics (not to be confused with our cheeter Olympics) and had all the makings of a superstar Cheetathlete.  He was naturally talented and it came easily.  But Chester had a secret.  He didn’t want to be a Cheetathlete.  He loved cooking.  He loved cheese especially.  He had to do it in secret though because his parents would never let him each cheese.  It would slow him down and interfere with his training.  One day, he was cooking and had an accidental cheese explosion.  He quickly tried to clean it up before his parents came home.  He had almost everything cleaned except for two pieces of cheese that were caked on.  Just as his parents walked through the door he hid the two pieces behind his back.  He told them that he was just heading off to his training but really he went to his shed in their backyard.  It was there that he tasted the two pieces.  One was puffed up and almost air like and the other super crunchy.  It wasn’t until years later, but this was the day that Chester Cheetah invented Cheetos.


This is how I feel about your plain Hershey's.  I'll make it crunchy.

This is how I feel about your plain Hershey’s. I’ll make them crunchy.

There was also a guy that invented Hershey’s.  His bars were plain.  There was someone who invented Crunch Bars.  They are crunchy.  I prefer the Crunch Bars.  Because they are crunchy. And not all plainy.

The Great Debate rages on.  Which side will you choose?  The plain or the right one, crunchy? Because the plain side can’t even decide on a name.


Bitter Crunchy Ben

109 thoughts on “The Bitter Crunchy vs plain debate

        • I know hard it is for you to talk to other people and it is for me too. We may have to figure out a system where maybe your husband talks for you, and we just talk only for the express purposes of communication about the game. There’s gotta be some way! Anyways, we can try Borderlands and then maybe I can reteach you “nice” gamers how to play Gears. I promise to be gentle.


        • Yes, but part of the reason it’s so bad for me to speak is that I word vomit. Meaning I will probably talk your ears right out of a headset. :/
          It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t like you (I’d probably just sit there in silence), but I wouldn’t game with you if I didn’t like you. 😛
          I did express these concerns to my husband (the over-talking) and then remembered that I get tunnel-vision when doing anything, so it might not be so bad. XD

          Haha. I said we were polite when playing (in distributing spoils, etc.) and that we had our good system, I didn’t say we were ‘nice’. I feel that saying as much implies we suck at gaming. I was going to say, “I’m pretty awesome at it, actually.” But…the last time I made a, “HEY! WATCH THIS!” comment…I made an ass out of myself. >.>
          And my husband has played all of the Gears, but I ran this by him and he said he’d replay them. 🙂

          I’m stoked about this. So seriously – find that game soon so we can play!

          Oh, fair warning. I might have a potty mouth. >.>


        • I think word vomit is pretty funny. It means I don’t have to talk as much.
          I will probably make a fool out of myself not being near as good as you. I’ll just blame it on the game or glitching or the fact that I haven’t played very much.
          I like to say that I am pretty good at sharing and being a good support person, especially in a game I’m any good at.
          I prefer to play with people that I know, as opposed to going online and getting killed over and over again by random strangers. So this will be helpful.
          We’ll see you online maybe tonight or tomorrow!


        • Haha, yes, word vomit can be funny for all people apart from the one vomiting (which can occasionally go for all forms of vomiting, unless onlookers have weak stomachs)…

          Don’t worry about not being good at it. I realized last night that I’ve gotten HORRIBLE in my lack of playing. I did a count and figured out that it’s been almost a year since I’ve played a FPS. So don’t expect any, “WATCH THIS!” moments from me during play…

          I really don’t like playing online with people I don’t know. I did that once or twice and all people tend to do is spawn camp or take advantage of glitches, which I think is SO ridiculous. (Yes, you’re so amazing by cheating the game to get kills. I bet it makes you feel so good about yourself.)
          I’d rather play with people I know (which is not many people) and work together rather than try to kill each other. That’s obviously fun for some people, but I don’t like it.
          Do you have an update on when/where/what/who/why?
          You can cut out the last couple of those, but I figured I’d keep it going since there were already so many of them.
          I really shouldn’t be commenting right now…


        • You go ahead and word vomit all you want. I promise I won’t hold it against you. I’ll just let you do the talking and I’ll do all the killing, uh I mean sharing. I’ll pretend that I am really bad at games for your benefit. Because I’m nice that way.


        • LoL, I don’t know about that. I’d say I’m alright at some games, but when you gauge it by ‘online play’ . . . no. Those dudes just sit there and spawn kill, which . . . what’s the point?


        • This is true. My husband informed me earlier that he gets ‘hate mail’ all the time from people on XBox. He’s in the top percentile of people on Battlefield and apparently people just get pissed off and send him hateful messages all the time.
          Makes me happy I have a super laid-back husband. Totally doesn’t faze him at all. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to someone running around all the time ranting about how ‘people are just mad because I’m better’.
          It’s like . . . JUST PLAY THE GAME. You know? Why do people have to get so mad?

          Sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent, but I was just thinking earlier that they should have a sort of level system or something for online gaming. Putting people of similar skill levels together – not letting them choose, but grouping them by statistics or something (how hard can it be?). Then have servers or whatever for people who don’t care about that.

          Sometimes I think I’m a freaking genius (which is nice for the other 99.9% of the time).
          Tell me that’s not a good idea.


        • I guess that would be an okay idea. You would think that there were programs and such to get people of the same levels to play each other. I mean, if they can get people to fly on the moon they can certainly get people of the same gaming ability against each other.
          That seems crazy that your husband is not only a top Battlefield player, but that people write him hate mail. That is crazy!


        • I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I’m not just saying that because I thought of it (at least I don’t think).
          I’ll have to run it by Husband and see what he says, but . . . he’s the nicest person ever.
          I could say, “I think I’m going to shave my head. Do you think it would look better than how it is now?”
          His response would be, “You’re beautiful either way.”
          Then I’d point out (yet again) that my jaw that looks like I could nom on steel, and he would say, “It does not look like you could nom on steel.”
          (It totally does, btw.)
          So maybe he’s not the best person to ask . . .

          Yeah, he’s REALLY good at that game. People sending him hate mail has no effect on him, but it makes me angry.
          It makes me want to punch some faces.

          I might be really grumpy right now. I don’t know that I should be communicating with anyone, haha.

          I really do wonder what you would think of my husband, with the good attitude thing. I don’t know if you’d be able to stand gaming with him. XD


        • It is a great idea and you should recieve a video game medal of honor for it.
          It is nice to have a husband that is supportive of you and your dreams. It is probably very comforting when you are shed bound and you need to be in LALA land to get in the right frame for your books.
          He’s really good for you too, knowing that you get upset about people saying really mean things about him and wanting to hurt him, knowing that he can calm your temper down right? It’s funny because most people don’t know that I have a temper, but mine is more deep rooted and only comes out when there are people I am really comfortable with. I internalize it and it makes me mad. I guess that is why I like to blog about bitterness, because it gives me an outlet to rant and rave, so I can just get it out before it gets taken out on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

          Anyways, I’m sure your husband would be great to game with. I don’t get too upset when I lose, especially when it is a great player like him and I would be fun to just chill and not have to play with someone who will be all jerky about stuff.


        • I really should get a medal or something. As long as they can mail it to me and it wouldn’t involve me seeing people.

          Yeah, it’s really . . . FANTASTIC (putting it lightly) to have someone so supportive. He really hasn’t ever complained about the time I spend working, or the lack of financial contribution. Nothing. There aren’t many people that would deal with it.
          And yes, he does calm me down quite a bit. My temper used to be a lot worse than it is now, but he rarely does anything to set mine off and it’s kind of . . . dissipated a bit (in comparison). He’s just so laid back that it’s hard to not feel like an idiot when you’re flying off the handle about trees. But at the same time, I CAN fly off the handle about trees. So I get what you’re saying about the comfort level thing.

          I might’ve maybe been able to picture you with more of a temper before interacting with you as much as I have. And yeah, obviously everybody has a bit of one.
          I can see how the blog would be a good outlet for frustrations, especially (ESPECIALLY) one like yours (but of course there are NO BLOGS LIKE YOURS). Definitely better to get it out than keep it in and blow up needlessly (I do that quite a bit).

          Yeah, he is great to game with. It’s all a matter of whether you can tolerate the attitude.
          I’ve only seen him be a ‘jerk’ a few times, and it was totally deserved on those few occasions.
          But to give you a good example of him – someone he worked with stabbed him in the finger (a few years ago). I asked him what he did. His response was, “Nothing. It was an accident.”
          Dude. If someone stabbed me in the finger, they would get punched in the face, accident or not.


        • I about flew off the handle today and was ready to rage quit. This job is almost at the point where I just feel like I am ready to walk off with no warning as to why I have left. Though it wouldn’t take a detective to figure out why if you just ask the person that sits next to me. There is only one reason why I haven’t quit at this point and that is my family. If they didn’t need me to have a job, I would seriously walk off in a huff.

          Enough of that. I will send you a virtual medal sometime made of pixels like in Wreck it Wralph. If there was any other way, I would do that. Besides, I don’t want anyone else showing up at your awards ceremony. (No people are invited!)
          Your hubs sounds amaziningly laid back and cool about things that would set me off. Kudos to you for finding such a great dude!
          Besides, you may not contribute now, but eventually you will be making some money for your books. I just know it.


        • Oh my gosh, what happened?!

          That really is the crappy thing about being an adult (one of many) – you can’t just do what you want, or what would be best for you when you have people depending on you. :/

          I really hope something happens to make the job more tolerable (like them taking you off the phones). 😦
          It really makes me sad to hear that something that bad happened with you today. 😦 😦 😦 😦
          It makes me sadder than multiple sad faces.

          If you make me a virtual medal, I will cherish it forever.

          Haha, yeah, the husband is pretty fantastic. But I’ll admit the amount of ‘laid-back’ has bugged me on occasion. It’s like, “HOW CAN YOU BE OKAY WITH THIS?”
          But he says as long as he’s not getting shot at, he knows things could be worse. Pretty good outlook.

          Thanks. I like to think that eventually I’ll be able to make an actual career out of this – one where I can actually contribute. It really does start to get to you after a while.
          Contribution would be the best case scenario, but I’d be more than happy just to have enough money to pay for the next cover.


        • Well thanks for the multiple sad faces. I guess that is your virtual version of a medal for me. Thanks, it does make me feel a little better.
          The people here at work don’t seem to care if this job is breaking me down physically and mentally, but at least someone cares.

          Having a positive attitude is hard for me to fathom as one who generally seems to look at the realistic side of things. Anyways, I guess I would be more envious of him than mad at him. I would just worry that he would get taken advantage of when people see how everything rolls off his back. Just take good care of him so he doesn’t get hurt by people right?
          I hope somehow your books take off and a publisher picks them up and you can start making money. Even if they don’t though, you have something completely and utterly invaluable in your life. A book that is bound and put together and something that no one can take away from you. I would always cherish that. And you have more on the way, which is way exciting regardless if you make money or not. You are doing what you love and that is more valuable than money.

          And having a husband support your dreams that way too is more valuable than gold. (Now I just digressed to Cheesy Town!)


        • Oh no, I don’t want my virtual medal for you to be a crapton of sad faces. 😦

          I’m sorry that no one at work seems to care. That must make it all the more frustrating, with the environment and all. I really do hope something changes soon, either that it gets better there or that your moving plans work out. I hate the thought of you being miserable at work. I mean . . . you spend most of your waking hours at work. Why make yourself miserable doing it, you know? Then that all just carries over into other avenues, even when you try not to let it, and that’s just bad all around.
          But we’re friends and of course I care.

          LoL, yes, I’m envious of the positive attitude due to being more realistic (and negative) as well.
          I’m sure people have taken advantage of that with him, but believe you me . . . if I ever catch it? That s*** would stop REAL quick (Yes, I just got all Southern there). I’d let people mess with me before I’d ever let them mess with him.

          I hope the books take off too, just because I’m so attached to Aster and feel like she deserves it. I’ve thought about the publisher thing though, and I honestly just don’t know about it.
          But you’re absolutely right – it is invaluable. And people liking it is invaluable.

          Haha, I don’t think you were digressing to Cheesy Town (but I do think it’s okay to go there every once in a while, regardless of cringing every time I step foot in it). It’s definitely worth more than gold, and I know no one else could put up with all this (or me in general).

          I’m going to digress to Cheesy Town and say that I wish we could all support one another with our dreams. The world would be so much nicer of a place and people would be so much happier.
          I totally just reminded myself of that weird chick in Mean Girls.


        • It really does suck that no one really cares about a guy that works somewhere for 13 years, is always there (maybe 2 sick days in the 13 years I’ve been there) and one that is always early and hard worker. It really is a shame how for granted they take me. I just hope when I do leave the regret how they treated me and how much I did for them. At least I know you care.

          That just shows how much you love your hubby that you would mess people up if you messed with them. I would do the same for my wife and kids.

          I really hope your books take off. Like I’ve mentioned, it is a great book and I really can’t wait to read the whole series. You have at least one loyal fan right here.

          I try to shy away from Cheesy Town when I am writing, but sometimes I am pretty appreciative of what people do and I think your books deserve getting much more play than they are getting right now.


        • I’m sure me caring totally makes up for all that. >.<

          Yes, I think it's some BS that they don't value you more. Seriously? Only 2 sick days in 13 years? THAT is ridiculous, and it's RIDICULOUS for them to take you for granted.
          It's hard to find anyone/anything that can appreciate you (general you, not specific) in this stinkin' world. And I think that's garbage. I really, legitimately HATE the thought of people working their a**** off, and getting kicked in the face for it (figuratively speaking, but it does feel that way sometimes). I'm pretty effing mad about that, actually – thinking about you being taken for granted after all that time in.
          People are NOT expendable, and I wish MORE PEOPLE would realize that.

          So I really do hope you find another place that will appreciate you. Because, as I said, it's horrible to be unhappy at work when you spend almost your entire day there.
          My fingers will be crossed for you.

          I think if people wouldn't mess other people up for the ones they love . . . something is wrong. But maybe I've been writing books for too long that it doesn't seem like as big of a deal as it actually is. (Trust me when I say I know how big a deal it is.)
          I also just don't like the thought of people taking advantage of other people's good qualities. (Which is probably why I loved writing the Reave series – because it gets so messed up in that regard.) But you have to be there to take care of the people you care about, you know? I mean, that sort of stuff will always happen, but better when someone is there to put a stop to it.

          I really appreciate what you said, just in general and also because I'm sure it's difficult for you to step into Cheesy Town.
          I'll spare you a big long thing talking about that (I've already written a big long thing with this comment), but it means a lot.
          And it's good to know I have one loyal fan. 🙂

          Maybe all that other stuff with it will happen one day.


        • I think I will start looking at video game jobs. They may not get paid as much but at least it would be better than this. Most things would be actually.

          I think it will work out in the end. It just sucks in the moment, the day to day garbage. I feel a little like Aster at the beginning, just a slave to the work, no hope of it ever getting any better, resigning to her fate. Maybe I will be courageous like her and just get out of there before it is too late. She has been an inspiration to me.
          My book is about a guy that hates his job too. I guess it hits a little too close to the heart for me to write about right now.


        • What sorts of video game jobs?
          Some video game jobs get paid EXTREMELY well.
          My husband is actually in college for game development at the moment. He’ll be done with that in a few months.

          Were you serious about her being an inspiration to you??

          Hm, that’s understandable – it hitting a little too close to home to write about. But I have ‘every faith’ you’ll find yourself in a place where you can be more amused writing about that sort of thing than :/ about it. 🙂


        • I think it would be fun to be a writer for games. I also think it would even be great just being a tester. You know, playing the games and testing if they have bugs etc. I really hope your hubby makes it in the games industry. It would be so awesome. Then I could also use him as a mentor too. You guys could both be my mentors.

          Yes, of course I am inspired by Aster. Not my only one as I find inspiration in a lot of things, but it was very inspiring knowing that she got herself out of such a hopeless situation.

          I sometimes think that I will be 70 years old just trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to make the whole book work. I do take solice that many authors got their start way later in life. All I know is that about 10 years ago, when I was at church studying one of the prophets at church, I remember reading about his struggle with writing and how he just worked really hard at it, he would improve. From that moment, I knew I had to write. About what I didn’t know or how to do it, but I knew that I needed to write. In a journal, a book…years later I finally started writing the book, and then I found blogging and I’ve loved it. I am just going to keep writing until I collapse. In whatever form I feel inspired to do it.


        • Yeah, I think writing for games would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t want to do it, but I think it would be cool.
          And testing them sounds like the most HORRIBLE job in the world! Playing the exact same part over and over and over? NOOOOO.
          I don’t mind repetition, but I’m pretty sure that would drive me insane.

          Yeah, we’re hoping he gets a decent job in it after he’s done with school. He’s got a few emails from companies saying they were looking at him, which has been awesome.
          LoL about the mentor thing. I don’t know if you were joking about that, but I’ll assume you were…

          I think anyone can get themselves out of anything. They just have to figure out how. Yeah, obviously sometimes life has other things to say about that, but still. Maybe I just have that outlook because I’ve gotten myself out of some bad stuff so I know it can be done. Picking up pieces isn’t the most ideal thing to do, but sometimes you just have to break life a bit and pick up those pieces. Maybe I’m just being weird right now. Maybe I should be writing instead of on here. Maybe I need to go bad to sleep.

          LoL, I sometimes think I’m going to be 70 years old just trying to figure out where I’m actually at, so I understand. You’ve got QUITE a long way to go before 70, so I have every faith in you figuring it out sooner. (Btw, I did pop that into one of the books during editing. 😉 )

          I love that outlook you have on writing. I really relate to that because that’s kind of how it was with me. I just had to do it and get better. HAD TO.
          I really do have faith that you’ll finish that book and be happy with it. Don’t get too frustrated! It’ll happen. 🙂


        • All I know is that I love writing and I love games, so that would be a really fun mashup of what I love.

          Yeah, I was joking about the mentor thing. Let the poor guy get a job first before he becomes a mentor. And really I need to figure out what to do before I start asking for mentors.

          Sounds like you have had some early struggles and come out okay on the other side. I applaud you for figuring those things out. I don’t know how i would have.

          I have every faith in me when it comes to writing too. 🙂


        • That’s totally true. Sounds like the perfect mashup.

          Have you been thinking about the novel at all, as for where you might go with it?

          Hey, everybody has their struggles. You can either let them mess you up or make you better.

          I’m glad you have every faith in yourself with writing. 🙂

          Did I tell you that I snuck that into one of the books, or did I just think I did?


        • I did finally attend a group meeting and they got me thinking about writing on it again. I did write during lunchtime last week twice and it felt good. I know I will finish it sometime. Just a matter of time.

          I just wish I had more time that’s all. And job wasn’t so stressful, so I could concentrate on it a little more. It will happen eventually. I’m just glad I was able to finish it in the first place.
          I’m glad you have every faith in the book. It’s pretty awesome you were able to sneak that into your book. I think you should make it your motto, like in Hunger Games.


        • I know you said on FB that you were writing again. How is that going? And how did you find the time?!
          Also, how was your trip?

          I don’t know how I could fit an entire motto in a series. Maybe I just can’t think straight with the migraine I currently have. I dunno. Some characters seem to make their own little mottos and that’s fun.


        • I was writing for about a way. I blame you for going off and hiding and not holding me to it. Kidding of course. I’m sorry to hear you were sick. Was it when Kentucky was going on their big run?
          My trip was great. We got lots of sun, got to see my parents back from their mission and I got two great interviews with a company. It sounded like they liked me and said I should hear back by the end of April. We are really hoping to get this one. If you pray, I could use some to get us there.


        • For about a way? A week?

          I’m sorry about that. Next time you get on a writing streak, let me know and I’ll try to text you every day to ask if you are. XD
          I put the face there, but I’m totally serious.

          I can’t remember if I was sick when Kentucky went on that run. The days blur together for me. It was around that time, I think. Could be totally wrong. lol
          SUPER happy because most of the players are coming back next year. (Apart from two, and the two seniors.) I’m seriously so stoked about next season. Wondering what it will do to the recruiting class though. Really don’t care past curiosity because it will be nice to not have EVERYONE LEAVE. I can’t blame the kids though. Who wouldn’t do the same?

          I’m really glad your trip was so enjoyable. I was going to say something about never being able to complain about getting sun, but . . . I’m a night person. I do enjoy the sun sometimes though, especially this time of the year.

          I’m having some ridiculously guilty feelings about my lack of praying where your life is concerned.


        • What I’m kind of saying with that is I MIGHT play games online if people weren’t such flipping ignorant jerks on there.
          I don’t have the time to listen to crap about how ‘girls can’t game’ (I’ve been gaming for about 20 years -_-). I’ve seen enough of that as is. And obviously I wouldn’t want to get killed in the first three seconds of ‘stepping foot’ into the match of a game for the first time playing.
          They’re supposed to be fun.

          Why don’t people get that??


        • I agree. It is funny that there are all kinds of girl gamers out there that could whoop most guys, but guys will just quit or make excuses when they find out a girl actually beat them at something. I guess that will never change. So you’ve been playing for 20 years? So you were like three when you started? I’m afraid I’ve been playing longer than you. Since 1981 so 30+? Still probably not as good as you.


        • Yeah. I did better than a guy at Guitar Hero or something and he LITERALLY flipped out. I don’t understand why it’s so emasculating for men (I use that word [men], but I don’t know how appropriate it is here) to be beaten in anything by women.
          I had the same problem on more than one occasion when I used to play pool.
          It’s ridiculous.
          Somebody being better at SOMETHING doesn’t make them BETTER. Why is that so difficult to grasp?

          Probably around that long, to be honest. (I’m 25.)
          If not 20 years then 18-19. Around there. I was a wee lil’ thing when I started gaming.

          Haha, you definitely have me beat there.


        • I guess that most type A personalities would have a problem with it. My wife is better than me at a lot of things, but I don’t care, I’m just glad when she succeeds in anything. I have very few things that I really care if I win or lose. I even didn’t get too worked up when we lost in basketball, but still competed no matter how far ahead or behind we were. I guess I’m just not that competitive.
          I still remember when I was really young getting the Atari 2600 and how unbelievable it was to play a video game at home on a TV. I just saw the Jobs movie about the life of Steve Jobs and seeing him there, working on Atari games just brought all kinds of memories back. And I remember being one of the first people to ever bring home the NES. When I had spent all those quarters on Super Mario Brothers and now I could play that on a TV at home where it looked almost exactly like the arcade was unbelievable. When I played it, I always remember going, that would have cost me two quarters, that would have cost me another….


        • I’m not well-versed in personality types. You just gave me a letter.
          That’s the thing! Why can’t people be glad about another person’s success? WHY ALL THE COMPETITION?
          I don’t get it. I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to compete with everything. What does it matter? Do you REALLY get validation from being better at something? ONE THING?

          But anyway, off the rant.
          I loved what you were saying about the video games. Do you tell your kids that kind of stuff? The ‘back in my day’ stuff seems like it would be one of the more fun aspects of raising kids.

          Now I want to go to an arcade…


        • As far as personalities go, the type A is competetive, gages sucess as getting things accomplished, always running around like a chicken with its head cut off etc. Then the laid back personality, less competitive is type B.
          Good rant on competition. I agree on all counts.
          I have talked to my kids a little about games back in the day when we saw Wreck-It Ralph. One of the best movies ever by the way. Totally reminded me of my whole timeline of video games. I’ve seen it too many times. Kids love it too. The back in the day stuff just makes them gloss over though, especially the older they get.


        • Well the aspects of that apart from the competitiveness sounds like me. But I’m really not competitive at all.

          I watched Wreck It Ralph sometime last year. I thought it was pretty good. You kind of can’t love video games and not find something to love about that movie. I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite movie of all time, but I did enjoy it.


        • I noticed that you exhibited a lot of the traits of an A without the competitiveness. Guess that tells you how much putting people in a box as far as personality is kind of dumb because everyone is so different.

          I guess we can agree to disagree on Wreck-It Ralph. Everything about that movie was fantastic for me. What are your all time favorite movies?


        • I don’t really think anything should be put in a box. People can always surprise you. (Or one can hope.)
          Then again, boxes can occasionally be useful, but maybe that’s completely unrelated.

          Haha, I liked Wreck It Ralph! Is that one your ALL TIME favorite?

          I have trouble picking favorite anythings. I love the LOTR movies, and I’ve watched them enough times that they should probably be considered my favorites. I just don’t know. We’ll go with that, but the answer would probably be different tomorrow. XD


        • Boxes can be useful. For moving things to a place that isn’t here. When I am writing I try to think outside the box though. Especially with creating new words. Who wants to always use the same old fuddy duddy words all the time anyways?
          I thought you said that you only thought it was okay. It is one of my all time favs. Along with the Matrix. Speaking of which, did you see the Super Bowl commercial for Kia with Morpheus? What a great memory of one of the all time favorites.
          I am really good at picking favorites. I guess I’m talented like that. Favorite team: Spurs. Favorite food: Pizza. Favorite movie of all time: Die Hard. Favorite video game of all time? Gears 3. Ask me a favorite of just anything and I will probably have an answer.


        • Haha, yes, they can be useful for that.

          I don’t know who wants to use the same fuddy duddy words all the time. You know I don’t.
          Have you thought about writing a fantasy book, just so you can use that creativity for non-words to its full potential? I like making up names a lot. Mostly because you don’t have to make something clear with a definition there (unless you’re non-wording words that are easily understandable).
          Making up gestures is fun. And that trilogy I wrote over the summer had some people that spoke another language, and that was fun. (Also a pain, but fun.)
          Anyway, that’ll exhaust you on words/names/things that don’t exist.

          I liked Wreck It Ralph. I think I said it wasn’t my favorite, but I could be wrong. I can’t remember anything I say, and I really am fickle with favorites/likes/dislikes. Being a gamer, you can’t help but love some things about it. Maybe I just can’t remember it as well as I think I do.

          No, I didn’t see any Super Bowl commercials. I was sleeping and I HAAAAAAATE American football. (I know some people don’t count the Super Bowl as it, but that’s what it is.)

          Your favorite movie of all time is Die Hard? The first one? Is that the one with Alan Rickman, or is that the second one?

          I can’t even pick a favorite color anymore. -_-


        • My book is a fantasy in a way but modern and about video games and the video game world. What genre would you consider that. I was told urban fantasy before I went to that conference, then I was told YA, now I’m not so sure what it is. I guess when you get a chance to read it, you will find out?
          Maybe if I just send you the first few chapters you would know? I don’t want to send you my old version, cause it is way outdated.
          Anyways, I just think you wouldn’t have time right now, so another time when you are “a little less busy”.
          Favorite color: Purple.
          Favorite amusement park ride: The Beast at King’s Island.
          Just a few new favorites. And yes the original Die Hard. It was a much more personal story and kind of a buddy buddy thing with Powell. There was so much more emotional weight to it than the others.


        • I have an EXTREMELY hard time picking genres sometimes. But I suppose that would be urban fantasy. How old is the MC for you to have been told YA?
          Hopefully I’ll be able to give you my opinion on the genre after getting that chance. And hopefully I don’t say something completely different to make the indecision even worse.

          I’d be totally fine with the first few chapters.
          I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be ‘a little less busy’ . . .

          My favorite color(s): Cobalt blue and purple.
          I have no favorite amusement park ride – not of all-time.
          Thanks for the new favorites. XD

          Is the original one the one with Alan Rickman? I know I asked you that, but I just can't remember. If it isn't, I don't know that I ever saw the first one.
          Have you seen the newest?


        • Well, he was 23 or so at the beginning, but since someone told me YA, I changed him to 17, graduated from HS and not quite in college. I have an extremely hard time defining this guy, because the age has changed. I keep needing to go back and get this guys background straight so I can answer questions that make sense.

          I’m sure there will be a day when you get less busy. I have “every faith” it will come to you someday.

          I’m not sure what cobalt blue is so I’m going to google it. Okay, got it. Not a bad color. I’ve always thought it funny that girls define colors so specifically. To me, there is red, green, blue, purple. To girls it is auburn, seafoam, cobalt and plum. Funny how men and women differ slightly in so many ways.

          That amusement park you are describing sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try that one.

          The original with Alan Rickman was the best. It started my love of action and action movies. It may be partly responsible for why I wanted to write an action book but that has an emotional center. I have seen the newest Die Hard and it was a bit of a let down. The trailer was awesome though. I think they have forgotten what made it awesome in the first place.


        • Hm. I bet that was hard, making such a drastic change to the age. I think just a few years can COMPLETELY change a character. So much usually happens in life, especially in that particular gap. Do you prefer writing him younger or older? I mean . . . which mindset do you feel is more natural to him?

          I might be TOTALLY off-base here, but I think you should cater to the book more so than the genre. It might seem YA, but it doesn’t have to be. Or maybe you want it that way. I don’t have any idea.

          Backgrounds are definitely important for making sense of things. Sometimes they come more easily than others, especially with secondary characters. I always have to figure out their stories as well to ensure everything lines up in the way they behave and whatnot. It’s kind of a pain. And now I’m wondering how I have space for ANYTHING in my head with all these freaking life stories in there. >.O

          Haha, doubtful about being less busy, but I’ll hold out my hopes for your every faith coming into being. I really would like to be less busy, at least with life stuff, that way I can be busybusy with work stuff. 🙂
          If I wasn’t busy at all, I would lose my mind. Probably why the past couple weeks have been so freaking weird for me.

          After looking up cobalt blue on Google (not goodle), I realized I’ve been wrong about what it was, which I will blame a car for. That’s not the shade of blue I like, but I don’t know what to call it. So I guess being a girl isn’t very helpful with that at the moment. Bummer.
          But yes, it’s funny how different men and women can be.

          I’ve only seen two of the Die Hard movies, I believe. The one with Alan Rickman and the one that was released in like 07. I’ll admit they’re not my favorite of Bruce Willis’ movies. That would have to be Red. I’m not a big fan of him in general though, to be honest. Don’t hate me. 😦


        • It was pretty hard to change things. I had to change the time of year, I had to change him from living in an apartment with roommates to living at home. Had to figure out how he would be with freinds and family, etc. It was quite an undertaking. It still is actually.

          I wasn’t worried about the genre until I had to declare one at the book conference, and also toward what the editors/agents were looking for. If I wasn’t in their genre they wouldn’t even listen to a pitch. So, I had to kind of lean toward YA for the conference. As far as what I am writing for though, it seems a little more college age focused. We’ll see.

          I keep thinking I will do a background type thing, but as soon as I do that, then I just start writing the book. I can’t seem to focus on anything else but the book when I write. I have so many stories in my head, that like you said I need to barf them out, so I can move on with other things. Maybe I need to keep a book journal, instead of a sticky note parade.

          I hope your life gets less busy so you can concentrate on your work thing. I wish it were that way with me too. If my job wasn’t so all-encompassing I could actually find time to write.

          Good luck finding your favorite color. I assume it is in the dark blue range. That is all I need to know when it comes to color.

          Not everyone is a fan of the Die Hard movies and that is okay. It was just one of the first action movies I saw and was just blown away. I was a teenager when I saw it, so of course, it kind of shaped my youth and made me want to write books that became movies. Probably why my writing is so action focused too. Weird how that works out. BTW, Red and Red 2 were some great movies too. 🙂


        • Hm. I understand about the pitch thing and them not caring to listen if it wasn’t in their wheelhouse or whatever. When I was wanting to go the traditional route, that was such a big pain – trying to find people you thought would be suited for it. Then you have to worry about whether or not they’ll even listen. Ah, just lovely.

          I say just write it how it wants to be written and worry about the genre later. There are all sorts of people who love all sorts of things and I’m really starting to think that genre doesn’t matter as much as I always thought it did. (I really don’t even think my books should be YA, but…is what it is, I suppose.)

          I definitely understand the conundrum about having a book that could go multiple ways. I know you’ll get it all figured out though.

          Hm. As for the background you were talking about… Have you tried like…I’m trying to think of how to put this. Outlining certain criteria you need answered before trying to do it? I reached the point where I had to start making character sheets, and I’m getting ready to go through all of them (when I get to it) to make them EXTREMELY detailed. Like…every bit of information mentioned about them will go on the sheet, plus relevant (and sometimes non) backstory. Gah.
          I dunno. Maybe it would help you to make an outline sheet before trying to do that. Or not. I wouldn’t know.
          LoL, a book journal might be a good idea. Sticky notes get lost. (Mine end up in the strangest places.)

          Haha about the favorite color. I guess it’s a double-favorite-color. I like dark and light of grayish-blue.

          It is weird how that works out, like with Die Hard shaping your interests/writing.

          Red and Red 2 CRACKED me up. Loved them.


        • I think the only reason I even thought about the genre is because of the fact that we were pitching to agents and publishers and they needed to know for the pitch. I think when I comes to writing it does make sense to just write and then then let other people just decide what genre.

          All I know is that I love the creativity of writing and I always want to be doing it in one form or another.

          I think I have a pretty good idea of what my characters backgrounds are, but I haven’t really written them down. Again, someday when I have time I will get around to it. I will have one of those J.K. Rowling like encyclopedias of all the characters and what they are doing and everything.

          Red and Red 2 were pretty awesome. I love how casually they do things and how great Bruce’s girlfriend is.


        • Genre always crosses my mind. Maybe because I’ve written in so many different ones. I dunno. It’s always difficult to figure out which one. I would say, “Especially before it’s all said and done,” but it’s always difficult. Then I would say, “Impossible to do if you were forced to,” but . . . who knows?
          I actually changed the name of Reave literally THE DAY BEFORE the typographer did the font on the cover. haha
          So sometimes pressure works out? I dunno. I don’t even know wtf I’m talking about right now.

          LoL, yes, J.K. Rowling-like encyclopedias for characters and all that are/would be really helpful.

          I agree with what you said about Red and Red 2. And his girlfriend is my favorite character in both of them. She’s hilarious. XD


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  2. Seven-year-old me would strongly protest having crunchy peanut butter. Last month I got some and enjoyed the crunchy peanut butter sandwiches along with orange marmalade. Seven-year-old me now says he doesn’t know who I even am anymore.


  3. I choose the middle of this great debate. I don’t like Cheetos (or chips), peanut butter (or bacon), but I love creamy chocolate AND crunchy chocolate, as long as it doesn’t have caramel in it. And I’m not plain (or picky).


  4. Crunchy peanut butter is the best. When I make cookies, I don’t have to use smooth peanut butter and grind up peanuts. It all comes in one jar. (btw – just make sure the crunch in someone’s homemade peanut butter is the peanuts, not the shells)


  5. When I eat peanut butter, which is practically never (since I don’t like it much) I prefer smooth, not crunchy. I don’t like Cheetos at all. And what’s wrong with smooth, dark, bitter chocolate? (Though Crunch bars are okay).


  6. My mom only eats Skippy Super Chunk peanut butter. At that level of crunch, it’s more whole peanuts in a jar than butter. If I wanted actual peanuts, I’d be eating peanuts.


  7. Bitter Ben, I would so love to join you on the crunchy side. There’s crunch bars, which are like crunchy heaven, and cheetos, oh the cheesy crunchy goodness! Sometimes I eat them just to hear them crunch. But, the truth is, I cheat on the crunchy side all the time. Sometimes you need something smooth and chocolatey to put in smores. Then other times they don’t have the crunchy cheetos (the abomination!) and it’s not like you can just NOT have cheetos, right?


    • My heart just broke to find out you cheat on the crunchy. To me, it’s like those Miracle Whip commercials, if you can’t have the Miracle Whip, you might as well throw away the whole sandwich. It’s okay that you tried to break my heart though because a bitter heart doesn’t break, just gets more bitter.


  8. Clearly crunchy is the winner. It has texture and dimension, and if you prefer creamy, then you probably lack texture and dimension as well. We keep a tub of creamy on hand to catch mice with in the garage. That is what creamy is good for: luring rodents to the trap that snaps over their little necks and kills them, so that they do not scratch about my attic while I’m trying to enjoy some crunchy (organic) peanut butter.


  9. I’d like to weigh in and say I like my bacon crunchy not plain (raw) but I like my peanut butter any damned way I can get it. I don’t even care as long as it’s not UNSALTED. Why would anyone even want unsalted peanut butter. It’s like glue or a dead rotting seal on the beach. It just tastes wrong.


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