In case you missed it…You were out in the cold

In case you missed the Fresh Press.

You were out in the bitter cold.


I understand there was a cold front that came your way this week.  Cold air was blasted, wind blew, snow flew.  That seemed like a good excuse to be left out in the cold on the bitter happenings on the blog this week.  On the other hand, some of you live in California, Texas and Florida.  Some of you live in other places that never get cold.  So you have no excuse.  As a matter of fact, the ones that were freezing should have been inside not freezing and being bitter that it wasn’t warm outside.  Luckily, I’ve provided this bitter litter way to catch up on what you missed. Cause you made me bitter that you missed it.

Posts you probably missed:

I need some personal space.  So do you, from me.  First thing I would do if I was Superman? Fly to space, because I need some space. You know?

Then, I explained the Bittersauras Rextinction.  It wasn’t meteors or an Ice Age like you thought. Whatever you think you thought you knew, the dinosaurs are gone because of other stuff.

Then, shockingly, surprisingly, amazingly, I did something unpredictable called Friday Pictures.  This time I did it about gifts.  Don’t worry though.  They are bitter gifts.

I did some Bittering Twittering.

People made comments:

On personal space:

“I worry that if I ever did manage to get on another planet, I’d get stuck with a close-talker that just happened to be there. There would be no escape after that. Stuck with a personal space intruder for the rest of eternity!” Miss Four Eyes

“2 recent reasons to enjoy personal space. I’m stocking cheese and a woman runs over my foot. She can’t figure out why the cart won’t move so she backs up and pushes harder. Another day, doing the same thing, a woman reaches over me. She doesn’t want the front package so she pushes behind it, knocking a pound of cheese onto my head.” cat9984

“My general rule is if I can estimate the temperature of someone’s breath is or determine what they had for lunch, they’re not respecting the perimeter.” Katie

On Bittersaurus Rextinction:

“Well, hang on, if the dinosaurs stuck to record players doesn’t that mean they’ve come back around as hipster birds now?” Joseph Nebus

“Yes, I remember the pain of sitting through crappy kids movies. A lot of parents wait for the DVD and pay the same as they would to take the family to see the crappy movie. That way, parents can snore on the couch while the electronic baby sitter works its magic.” FloridaBourne

On Friday pictures:

“Those pics are great. You probably heard about that guy who bought a PICTURE of an Xbox One for $750 the other day.” MichaelRieraSmith

“8 pixels is too much to process.” Kerbey

Some Bitter Bonus Pictures:

For those times when you need to roll to the store for the last minute gifts.

These guys.

A Merry Xman and Happy Indy Year.

Take the pet for a walk:


He’s Kraken me up.

Put up the holiday decorations:

Put up some pictures.

Grandma doesn’t know her own strength.


Make sure you wear your sandals, your short sleeve shirt, and don’t button up your coat.  Stay bitterly cold out there!


Bitterly Cold Ben



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