LOL bitterness

LOL’s and all that text talk makes me so bitter.  What does it even mean?  Why are the youth of today so confusing with their fancy language? I’ve seen teenagers before.  LOLing is the farthest thing from what they are doing.  Picture 4 teenagers in a restaurant or sitting on a bench.  What are they doing?  Are they talking or chatting or Laughing out loud? No, they are sitting right next to each other texting, looking on the internet, playing a lame app game where you fling birds or guessing what drawing are their friend did.  They are typing smiles and winks and hand guestures.  They might smile or smirk or frown or flick, but the last thing they are doing is laughing, and especially out loud.  Is it any wonder none of them can read or write or do cursive.  They shorten every word, every sentence and half the time they don’t even use words, they just use symbols.  And everytime an adult figures out what one of them means, they switch to another one to make a new one.  It’s a darn good thing they came up with a plan that had unlimited texting because some people would have gone bankrupt writing stoopid things to thair frends.  I would say that I was bitter about the whole text thing, but you already know that.  Besides, I just got a text about a new app for getting a new phone that has unlimited text that will correct my spelling so that it seems like I can’t spell, so a teenager will think that I can relate to them.  So you know I’m not bitter.  Or should I say Im nt bttr.   ARGH LOL

Bttr Bn

Have you been reading the bitter blog. Yeah that guy is so bitter! LOL


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