Air Is Getting Thin Bitter Friday Giftures


For some reason, the anniversary of the day of your birth is always a tricky one.  All you want to do is get some nice things, maybe have a cake and spend some lovely time with your family and avoid work. What it turns out to be usually is a never-ending string of people wanting to talk to you. If you have a family like mine, it is some calls in the morning, then getting Facebook messages in the day, and then a couple of calls at night. By the time it was 10 pm, I was so exhausted answering the calls, I was ready for bed. I usually stay up until midnight. So really, I missed the last couple hours, just because people exhaust me.

Just like the air inside is getting extremely thin, with all the people being stuck inside, but yesterday, all the talking with people was making my air pretty thin too. But who cares about me anyways, right? Let’s just see some Bitter Friday Giftures amiright?

Sometimes all you need is some air…

face air GIF

…and people overwhelm you with too much.

I think this is what we all expect…

wind might boosh GIF

…when the quarantine is lifted.

But I imagine this is probably…

alycia debnam carey alicia clark GIF

…more what it will be like.

Or maybe something…

Conan Obrien Reaction GIF

…like this.

Maybe by the time we get back outside…

Twitch Reaction GIF by Hyper RPG

…the air will be so clean our lungs won’t be able to breathe it.

Who knows…

but i promise i will get to it asap GIF

…maybe everyone will be so used to staying at home bored…

Wait a minute…

 parks and rec amy poehler nightmare wait maybe this is a nightmare GIF

…that’s not good…

Then we’ll be trapped inside…

bestie relate GIF

…forever with extroverts that just want to talk…


feels rachel bilson GIF

…their feelings…

And every random thoughts…

the man from uncle GIF

…that enters their brains.

This cannot be…

kids describe GIF

…we must put a stop to this.

We all have to make…

hinata hyuga fanfiction GIF

…some sacrifices.

The thin air needs to be thickened again. People need to stop trying to talk to me. Life must be returned to normal where others gather in mass quantities, so they can do so far away from me. I need my environment returned back to me. Kids need to go back to school.  I need my space back.


Bitter Thin Air Ben



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