You Don’t Deserve My Best Work

When I started this blog I was just a little bitterling in a really huge pond. I had no other intention except to express my feelings about all the bitterness in the world.  A few co-workers knew about it, because they were the ones that called me Bitter Ben. They knew I was bitter about … Continue reading You Don’t Deserve My Best Work

Defense v Offensive

Yesterday we talked about how we could use the bitterness from our adversity to become Superheros. How maybe it is just the extreme that we take that makes us a Superhero. But today let's look at the other side of the coin, the Supervillian. You know that they just took their bitterness to the extreme … Continue reading Defense v Offensive

Superhero Bitter Suffering

We all go through a certain amount of suffering in our lives. Some more severe than others that is for sure. I know everytime I decide to complain, I get an earful from everyone about how there are starving kids in Africa and many people have suffered way more than I have in just about … Continue reading Superhero Bitter Suffering