National Laziness Day Bitterness

Let's do stuff, or whatever.

Let’s do stuff, or whatever.

Early yesterday morning when I was sweating away from all the moving of boxes, and moving my body around sans couch, somebody mentioned to me that it was National Laziness Day and I couldn’t have been more bitter. Here I was not only not notified about the greatest holiday this side of national pizza week, but I was not given advanced warning so I could plan to be lazy all day.

May I ask very bitterly why I wasn’t invited to be on this holiday planning committee? Why I wasn’t consulted about the day and time and holiday decorations that would be a part of the celebration? Why are couches and televisions and fridges not huge sponsors of this? And how are there not parades taking place on couches with wheels starting at around 1 or 2 pm when I feel like waking up? I feel betrayed.

Napoleon Bonapart, French Dictator and star of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Napoleon Bonapart, French Dictator and star of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Betrayed like a kid who was told that he had to work for his dreams to come true instead just being told that they are supposed to fall into his lap. Betrayed like a present under the Christmas tree that is wrapped really nice, but is completely empty inside like me. Betrayed like a cubic zirconia that ultimately turns out to be just a stupid 15 carat diamond. Betrayed like a finding out that Olympic wrestling is fake and finding out that it’s WWE that is real.  Betrayed like finding out that Napoleon Dynamite was the one that was the short French dictator that starred in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure while it was Napoleon Bonapart that was the tall, lanky doofus that voted for Pedro and told Tina(the llama) to quit being a fat lard and come eat her dinner.

Napoleon Dynamite, star of Napoleon Dynamite movie.

Napoleon Dynamite, star of the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

The bitterest betrayal of the day was the fact that I sit here right now, minus my faithful companion and couch of 10 years, missing it more than I missed the target on my BB gun shooting. I actually had to lift Couchy up from my living room, maneuver him out through the door and load him onto a truck that hauled him away to make someone else comfortable. I cried with bitterness for hours.

The saddest moment of all my moving experiences.

The saddest moment of all my moving experiences.

And for it to happen on National Laziness day made me feel like Homer Simpson someone took his trademark Pink Doooonut. It was indeed a bitter day, which I will never forget. Be assured that one year from now, I will have a New and Improved Couchy and I will be laying on the Laziness Day sponsored couch, complete with wheels so I can participate in the parade that goes down every mainstreet in every city across the world.

Through my bitter experience this year, next year will be the laziest year yet.


Bitter Lazzzziness Ben


26 thoughts on “National Laziness Day Bitterness

  1. Would say something enlightening but it’s my day off. Wish I had a couch. Third floor apt. Light furniture only need apply. Keep being a charming bitter bastard. Tried now. Later.


  2. And as next years parade makes its way down Main Street with you atop it, Ben (waving as the king of National Laziness Day), I’ll be there… cheering you on, throwing confetti from the sidewalk—viewing the parade—from my recliner. 😀


        • That’s the best reason I can think of!! The more you do it, the more ideas come up. I noticed that when I posted more. I don’t know if it’s the baby, or the move, thinking too much, or me just making excuses for myself, but I’d like to get back to doing it more regularly. At least once a week! You are quite the bitter inspiration!


  3. Is that your pickup truck? I hope not. The worst thing a lazy person can do is own a pickup truck. Then everyone wants him to haul stuff around, and the wife wants him to do stuff like landscaping and such. I’m very sorry for the loss of your couch. A new one will not be the same as your old one. But after a while you’ll forget about the old one, and be able to relax and enjoy your new one as if it was part of your family.


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