Resting on your Laurels Friday Bitter Giftures


I live and work with a bunch of overachievers. Did you know there are actually people in the world that want more than to sit on their couch and eat pizza and play video games? I have no idea how exhausting it must be to have goals to do stuff other than that. What kind of life could that possibly be? Being tired all the time because you have to talk to people or work hard, or leave the house for 8 hours a day and hope that someone will value the work you do so much that they will actually pay you money for it? All I know is that on that rare occasion when I actually accidentally accomplish something, I like to rest on my laurels. I’m not sure where that saying came from. Maybe we should ask Laurel. If you’re out there, Laurel and you have a little time, could you just comment on the blog where it came from? Well, that was my movement from the couch today. Let’s just rest on our Laurels shall we and watch some Friday Bitter Giftures…

This kid had big ambitions to make the US Olympic team in Gymnastics… 


…until he found out how much better naps were. 

Don’t knock it over until you try it…


…said the pin that’s soul purpose is to be knocked over.

 This guy retired to a life of resting on his laurel’s….


…immediately after his life’s greatest accomplishment. 

This amazing girl accomplished at a young age what I’ve spent a lifetime trying to do….

...taking a nap WHILE doing her greatest work.

…taking a nap WHILE doing her greatest work.

Zach Galifianakis worked really hard to… 


…rest between these two Laurels….

Laurel here decided to flip the script…


…and rest on other people’s shoulders. 

You know when you have an idea…


…and lightening strikes? Yeah, me neither. 

When you think you are within $100 of your showcase…


…but over the price and not under…

Just when you think you can take care of yourself…


…and then you show them how to rest of your laurels. 

There’s not better place to in the world to rest on your laurels…


…than in a water fountain at your friends wedding.

I think a lot of people wish…


…Drake would rest on his laurels….

And last and probably least, these ferrets just couldn’t let Yoda…


…rest on his laurels…

And there you have it. The last productive thing I’m doing…for the rest of the year. See you overachievers on the other side. I’m going to go lay under my desk for the rest of the day. If you could just wake me up in time for the pizza, that would be great. Thanks.


Bitter Unproductive Ben


39 thoughts on “Resting on your Laurels Friday Bitter Giftures

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  2. I just had an epiphany. Maybe my middle name is actually the reason I’m only 5′ tall. Perhaps everyone has been resting on it, thus subjugating and oppressing any growth spurt that tried to assert itself. Yes, that must be it. It has nothing to do with my tiny parents. It has everything to do with the poor naming choices they made.


  3. Ha ha ha this blog post is very funny! But despite claiming to be a couch potato who spends his life eating pizza this blog post must have taken quite a lot of work! The videos the jokes you’re so good at being idle you deserve a PhD!


  4. I wish I had a Laurel to rest on, but if I have to share I’ll stick with Mrs M. I also wish I could
    rest under my desk
    while collecting checks.
    Or make money
    like Marshall Mathers makes
    (Bring on the frosted cakes,
    I ate my frosted flakes)
    doing what I’ve just done
    for fun.
    ~Jealous Bitter Deon


  5. Love the “Zach Galifianakis” video clip, esp the other guy’s total lack of expression. Wish I could do that on poker night. Have a great Friday, pizza will be there soon! 🙂


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