Animal Kingdom Bitterness

As a marketer at heart, I'm always thinking about my audience. (Just so you know, that means no one is really a person to me, just a target market. IE, my mom isn't my mom, just a part of the female senior demographic.) For pretty much the almost 6 years I've been doing this blog, … Continue reading Animal Kingdom Bitterness

Car Wash Animals

I don't know if you are having a car wash war where you guys live, but there must be some dirty cars around here. Yeah, there are mountains nearby here, so I assume some people drive around in their Jeep Cherokees for car commercials, but man, I had no idea so many people needed their … Continue reading Car Wash Animals

The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I am okay with paying money for things that are such a great experience that I couldn't recreate them in my backyard or somewhere near home or do for free somewhere.  For instance, I'm pretty sure I couldn't build a rollercoaster in my backyard, or visit one for free somewhere.  So, I will pay for tickets to go to an … Continue reading The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2