Greetings Bitter People of the Internet Blogosphere.  Bitter Ben here from First World Problemia.  I have a complaining-about-first-world-problems problem and people at work started noticing so they started calling me Bitter Ben.  A long time ago, I learned in marketing that you should find a need and fill it.  I started noticing that a lot of people like to complain about little things, but they felt ashamed to do it, because they felt like they were being petty.  So I came up with the idea to start a 900 line (1-900-BITR-BEN), where people could call and complain about all the little things that drove them crazy, but the twist was that the Customer Service Rep could also complain back.  This would not only allow all the complainers to get it out of their systems, but the call would be longer and I would get more money.  This lead me to come up with my tag line, “We make bitter better.”  That idea failed because of a number of reasons, so instead I did the next best thing.  Start a blog with the same mission.  For free.  For now.  But someday, you will be eating in Bitter Themed Restaurants, reading Bitter themed novels, and wearing bitter oversized T-shirts.  Everytime you hear someone say bitter you will think of me or this blog and you will pay a fee just for thinking about it.

So for now, jump into this safe bitter filled environment, where you are free to complain as bitterly as you like.  No matter how petty, all bitterness is free to roam these wide open bitter halls, or meadows if you prefer. Comment the heck out of every post, because you can be sure I will comment right back with more bitterness.  Let’s “Make Bitter Better”.

Bitter Ben


A picture of the real Bitter Me.

A picture of the real Bitter Me.

Some Bitter Posts to get you started:

The two posts that miraculously got Freshly Pressed:

41 things I’m Bitter About

Bitter Reasons to be Tall 

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Credit to Michelle of Life as I Know It for this cartoon version of me.

Credit to Michelle of Life as I Know It for this cartoon version of me.

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  2. Bitterness is not always bad and Bitterness does not always stem from one being hurt.
    A bitter tune at times is justified and a healthy reaction to being fed up. It can be used productively and humorously.

    Everything doesn’t have to be taken so literally. Being pissed off can serve its purpose very well.


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  4. I noticed you had 999 comments so I’m commenting, just so I can say I’m batting 1000.

    There’s also a toilet paper I enjoy called Scott 1000. Probably unrelated. It’s cheap as hell, thin as my hopes for the future, and unsatisfying overall, yet apropos for the times.

    In other news, thanks for visiting Mad Hatters. We’re all bitter old sods, too.


  5. Something else you can be bitter about. I like your blog and I now follow it.
    Usually, when I get involved in things, they fall apart like Shleprock came along.
    So, you have that to look forward to.


    • I don’t know if you’ve read any of my thousand bitter posts. Also I have an annual post on my birthday that lists 40+ reasons why. Go ahead and read those and you should get a pretty good idea.


  6. Love this, however, right now I am bitter that for whatever reason, I am not able to “Like” any post after clearing cache, cookies etc… When I click “like”, nothing happens. I couldn’t “like” your post so now, yeah…I am bitter. 😉


    • If you want a long answer, read each of the 1000 posts I’ve done. If you want a short answer, I write a post each year on my birthday, about 41 reasons why I’m bitter. I can give you the link if you would like.


  7. Ye gods! That photo … no wonder you’re bitter!

    (Don’t get grumpy, Pal … you think you had it tough? Just look at my Gravatar image—it’s from an old passport photo.) Sheesh!


  8. Hi Ben! I’m writing a new blog post asking WordPress bloggers (like yourself) how you go about getting so many followers. I noticed you left a comment on my blog a little while ago on The Cool Kids of WordPress and I was going to use that:

    ‘I didn’t even know that people read mine to be that honest. It’s been 5 years and a lot of work, but blogging is the best, though everything else makes me bitter.’

    Let me know if you’d like me to use something else. Though I think it’s pretty much perfectly bitter!




    • Hey Millie, thanks for asking. It was interesting because when I first started blogging, I was basically talking to myself. I wrote posts for people that I worked with and that is about it. I tried different ways to find new readers, Facebook, Reddit and StumbleUpon, but none of them really worked long term. It wasn’t until I realized that there was a Reader. I started realizing there were other bloggers on WordPress. I started following them, reading posts of theirs and commenting and liking them. Once I started doing that, they would read mine and realized that my blog was funny, worthwhile and consistent. I wrote at least three or four times a week and they knew they could come back time and time again. Then, when other people would come to the blog and see that there were a lot of followers, they saw that others liked it and found it a good place to follow.
      Then, I got Freshly Pressed and found a whole host of new followers. I started developing friends from it and a community for me was born.
      I still find new followers every day, and will pass 10,000 WordPress followers soon.
      I love and look forward to comments on each post.

      You can take whatever you want from that paragraph. Thanks for asking!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Ben, thanks so much for replying so quickly! The entire comment above is great, I’d prefer to copy and paste the whole thing!! hahaha. I can’t believe you’re about to pass 10,000 followers! I can’t even imagine that. And it must have been really exciting getting Freshly Pressed 🙂 A few of the bloggers in my article have been Freshly Pressed – and like you said, must have been a bit of a boom for your blog when that happened!
        You know what is really funny, when I first stated blogging I also had no idea about the WordPress reader. Didn’t even know you could use tags to search and find other blogs. When I finally figured it all out I was like, ‘Oh so this is how you find other people!’
        Thanks again and I’ll you know when the link is active (though you may get a notification when I link to your site?)


        • Can’t wait to see the post. Thank you so much for doing it. It is nice to be recognized for all the years I’ve been doing this. And yeah, my eyes were completely opened when I first found out about reader. Crazy how long it took me to finally realize how useful it was.


  9. Hi Ben. I wasn’t sure where else to put this, but I wanted to thank you for your faithful reading of my blog. I really appreciate it!


  10. Thanks for the like on News and Headlines @https://roboeamerican.com/ Cool blog, definitely going to spend some time on it.


    • I am not a big poem guy because I’m terrible at them, but I have done a few. Let me see if I can go into the way back machine and see if I can find them. (Actually they were more like raps, but those play like poems when written.)

      Liked by 1 person

  11. 4-ni-kate! no-1’s commentated ¢ (since) urleee martsch?
    well, I just now thought to point out something sorta (maybe not “really”) wee-urd: that your pixure (which is yoosd next to your comments ‘n such) is sighed-weighs, where-as(s) mine is up-sighed down.
    okeh, back to our (ir)respective scheduled program(mings) …


    • People don’t generally comment on my about page, they usually comment on the posts themselves. As far as the sideways picture that is how it turned out and it became something that people thought suited my bitterness, so I didn’t change it.


  12. Hi Ben
    You have a really good monochrome banner on your blog. Must make more effort myself! Thanks for liking my post.


    • That monochrome represents my bland personality quite well. The banner was created by a nice blogger who is in graphic design and made it for me. I’m always glad to take other people’s hard work and make it my own.


  13. How are you the first to like my newest post when you are not among my followers?
    *follows your blog after unsuccessfully playing too hard to get for days*


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  15. Thanks for liking my post today! LOVE yours and as it so happens, I so often feel very “bitter table for one.” I’ll be back. A Lot. SP


    • Well, welcome to “bitter table for one.” It is quite comfy and pretty awesome because you don’t have to talk to people. As we all know, people are the worst and the more you avoid them, the less stress.


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  17. Hi Bitter Ben – I stopped by because I noticed you liked my ridiculous post about Feral Dinosaur Toes….now I know why :). I will have to set a reminder to wish you a happy birthday soon and ask repeatedly what kind of cake you had and wonder aloud if the fire department needed to hose out that many candles. Yeah I’m that chick.


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