The Brinch who Stole Christmas…Vacation

Hello all. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing posts around Christmas, but I’m really good at reposting some classics. So I hope you enjoy. And Bitter Christmas to you all.

The Green Machine of Mean, the Brinch who stole Christmas...vacation.

The Green Machine of Mean, the Brinch who stole Christmas…vacation.

He is as green as Eggs and Ham.  He is as green as the Redwood Forest.  He is as green as the Hulk and Yoda.  He’s as green as a hippy on St. Patrick’s Day.  As green as my envy when someone is laying on a couch better than I am.  As green as the fried tomatoes in that movie.  Yes, he is the Grinch and as you know, one of my bitter idols growing up.  Though I haven’t quite surpassed his hairiness and greeness, I have surpassed his bitterness.  I have a tale of my own as the Brinch Who stole Christmas Vacations. Watch as I tell the tale of the month before Christmas and the Workers down in Workville.

Every Employee down in Workville liked Christmas Vacation a lot,

But the Brinch who lived south of Workville did not

The Brinch hated Christmas vacation, the whole Christmas vacation season

Please don’t ask why, no one knows the reason,

Actually they do, it’s because everyone leaves him with work all season,

It could be that he likes to lay on the couch all night

Or that his socks are on too tight

On the couch, drinking soda.

On the couch, eating soda.

But the most likely reason of all

Is that his bitter heart was a little too small

I’ve put up with missing Christmas vacation for 15 years now,

I must stop others from getting Christmas vacation, “But how?”

The he got an awful idea

The Brinch got a terrible, awful idea,

I know just what to do, the Brinch laughed bitterly in his throat,

He made a quick casual Friday outfit, complete with a coat

He looked on the calendar at the vacation time

He checked ADP to see if something on there would rhyme

He found many spots on the calendar that hadn’t been taken

And decided that he would steal all his co-workers vacation

Brilliant! Steal others vacations!

Brilliant! Steal others vacations!

He took Easter’s and New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day,

He took July 4th, and Labor, and Memorial in May,

He took every last vacation day that anyone would want,

He even took Flag Day, yes he was that blunt,

And every time someone wanted a vacation

He found a way to stick himself in the situation

He found all the days in December you know,

Because everyone coveted them so they could frolic in the snow,

He took early, and late and the middle of the month,

They would all cry with envy and just say, “Hurumph”

They would have all kinds of envy as he left no time available

They wouldn’t get to watch all the Christmas specials on cable

Ha Ha, no Christmas specials on Cable!

Ha Ha, no Christmas specials on Cable!

The Brinch let out a laugh so bitter

As his co-workers wouldn’t have time off to shoot glitter

But then something happened as he sat on his couch

The employees were happy to be at work and wouldn’t even say, “Ouch!”

The giggled as they eat all the candy in the breakroom

Not having even one little bit of gloom

They talked and laughed and didn’t have to do much work

They even talked about Miley and her terrible Twerk

They did all his work happily

And even had their afternoon tea

The Brinch finally came back to work even more miserable now

Cause no one got mad or even had a cow

Time for wallowing.

Time for wallowing.

When they had to work the holidays and answer phone calls.

They said, “We avoided the crowds at the mall!”

They didn’t have to go to crowded theaters

Or be outside playing in the cold with their brrsss

They had slow days where didn’t do much

Except gossip about many things or not much

They enjoyed they did and didn’t complain

And the Brinch spent most of his vacation in the rain

So this is where our bitter tale ends

With the Brinch having to spend the holidays with a bunch of, gulp, friends

Spend time with friends? Uggghh.

Spend time with friends? Uggghh.



Bitter Brinch Ben




38 thoughts on “The Brinch who Stole Christmas…Vacation

  1. Well once again, the gift of bitterness is priceless. Does the Brinch not realize this wonderful gift he was given? And, I am in fact even bitter that you are trying to steal my thunder with your sarcastic rhyme.


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