Cancellation Bitter Friday Giftures


Baseball is kind of a weird sport. The majors actually start in late March, which is technically spring, in some places, but in places like Chicago, and Minnesota and Milwaukee (which all have major league teams) not so much every year. Baseball depends on not having weather issues. Well, in the little leagues, where my son plays, there have been weather issues for a month now. Spring hasn’t really sprung, so there is a lot of games and practices that keep getting canceled. That would be fine if he was an indoor kid, but he is best when he is outside and active. There are a lot of things that I would have rather canceled lately, but that is a rant for another bitter day. What hasn’t been canceled and never will be is the Bitter Friday Giftures.

What do you think about that…

…Mary Poppins?

I wish Loki…

…I wish.

On the other hand…

…when someone cancels plans…

No one is ever mad at me…

…just disappointed.

I can…

…barely handle this.

Who knew…

…that you needed to water your dog every day?

Eating things…

…is kind of difficult.

This was not so much of a…

…magic carpet ride.

This guy was riding…

…a double-decker boat.

This is me…

…all the time.

My esteem…

…is in the toilet.


…is what I excel at.

Now that the weekend is upon us, it is a good time to find a way to cancel things. Plans are meant to be broken. Follow your dreams of sitting on the couch. Get out there and stay in.


Bitter Cancellation Ben


15 thoughts on “Cancellation Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I was supposed to work all weekend. Thank you for this, I’ll call in sick and cancel both shifts right away! I’m sure “Ben told me so!” should make it as a reason… Especially since my big boss’ first name is Benoit 😛


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