Bitter Photo of the week

One of my favorite songs that Bitterman plays.

One of my favorite songs that Bitterman plays.

I am hijacking Ben’s bitter blog today.  My name is Ben’s IPod(you’d think he could come up with something more original).  I would like to say that he makes me bitter.  (Is that how he starts these things?)  Every day, he puts me on some charger/speaker thing and makes me repeat all these songs that he likes over and over again.  Do you have any idea how boring that is?  Well get a job working in a factory where you do the same repetetive motion for 8-10 straight hours, then do it again every day for the last 10 years or more, with no hope of ever getting out of it.  Also he stores all of his stuff on my hard drive.  I mean he’s got something like 90 gigs of stuff.  Do you know how heavy that is? It’s like 90 gigs worth of heavy!

What is even worse is that he takes me on lunch and vacation.  I can’t even get a vacation when he goes.  Come on man, for the love of Pete!  When is my turn for vacation?  You know, let me sit in a drawer for a week without having to playback your repetitively boring music please!!

And you know how when someone plays a bad song that you can’t stand and you can’t get it out of your memory? I literally can’t get any song out of my memory.  Unless dunderhead finds some way to delete it. Can you see why I am so bitter? He could at least erase some of the bad ones, you know.  Let me out!

Ben Bitter IPod  –  Arrgghhh!

3 thoughts on “Bitter Photo of the week

  1. Bitter Ben, listen to your iPod – he’s obviously in pain and doesn’t seem that you need to torture him to make him bitter; or to make you even more bitter. Just listen to him and you’ll feel bitter enough to torture something else – maybe your xbox.


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