The grass is always greener bitterness.

See the grass is greener on the other side!You know what makes me so bitter? Besides everything?  Whatever people have, they always want to be elsewhere.  If they are at work, they want to be at home.  If they are at home, they want to go out.  If they are out, they want to be at home.  When people are single they want to be in a relationship.  When they are in a relationship they want to be left alone.  People that are normal want to be famous.  Famous people just wish they were normal.  When you are in a group, you want to be alone.  When you are alone you just want some company.  Make up your mind, indecision.  When we elect a new president, we want change from the old one.  When that president moves to make change, we yearn for the days of the old president.  When you try to get close to someone, they want you to give them space.  When you give them space, they get mad at you for not being around enough.  When you are poor, you want more money.  When you get more money, you want more time to use the money.  When you work, you can’t wait to retire.  When you retire, you wish you could work again.  (Maybe not this one.)

Here is the problem.  People are striving to do all these things to be happy.  If you were like me and you were bitter, you wouldn’t have this problem.  I find that I can be bitter in any situation.  I am adaptable and I can have change or not have change and be bitter.  I can be with people or be alone, I will be bitter in both situations.  You want to have a green grass in another place, I am bitter about it.  You want a bigger house or a smaller house?  Bitterness will happen to me in both. 

Bitterness is everywhere and in abundance.  Let me share with you some, or if you don’t want it that’s fine too.  I’ll be bitter about sharing or bitter if you reject it.  That is beauty (or ugliness if you want that.) of bitterness.

So have a bitter day regardless of what side of the grass you are on.


Bitter Ben

One thought on “The grass is always greener bitterness.

  1. But don’t you think that people always want to go to the other side of the grass because they it will turn out to be more bitter? After all we’ve been told it isn’t greener our whole lives, so why want to go except to collect more bitterness?


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