Bitter Pictures

Bitterness is everywhere.  Even in Utah where I went on my vacation.  Observe…

How about Ben’s Bitter Book Store?

It’s in my soda….

Ben’s Bitter Bottling?

And even on my Friday…

Bitter that there is a salad infecting my Pizza.

The dinosaur is pretty bitter that his species is extinct.

This is a Bitter Biter.

90 thoughts on “Bitter Pictures

  1. Your bitter pictures have me shedding a bitter tear…You’ve captured the essence of bitter book shops, sodas, and children’s dino activities. Congratulations. Which brings me to the bitter celebrity rider entry. Who ever said life would be a rose garden for you. And even if it was, those roses have an awful lot of throns to get around. It must be the roses’ way of keeping their bitter quotient at an acceptable level. And if you were a celebrity and had as many riders as you wanted you wouldn’t enjoy them anyway – you’d probably be in jail, dead, or dpressed anyway. Let those undeserving celebs discover bitterness for themselves.


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