The bitternet

I decided to start the bitternet because so many people use this thing called the internet to spread joy and information and whatever.  The bitternet is a more focused platform used particularly for the spreading of the virus of bitterness. So feel free to move about and talk amongst the bittermen and bitterwomen of the internet and catch the virus.  Or don’t, because either one would make me bitter and then I would have to come to your house break all your windows, slam down your doors and melt the dishes in your dishwasher, mess up your laundry and bake you cookies with bittersour salt.  Then you would swallow a bitter pill to make it all taste better and it would taste bitter.  Then you would have cause to read this blog, follow it, comment on it and buy the T-Shirts and buy the bitter pills, follow me on my bitter twitter and make me well known.  Then I would be bitter because I don’t like people knowing me.  So to all you out there that haven’t bought a T-shirt, have a bitter weekend. 

Bitter Ben from the bitternet

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